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Map - City - Restov, Numbered (scotlandtom) by TheWyrmOuroboros Map - City - Restov, Numbered (scotlandtom) by TheWyrmOuroboros
Original Free City of Restov map by Scotlandtom.  All on-map numbers and letters added using GIMP, font ITC Zapf Chancery Italic, bold, at 27 pixels.  Modified for use in my mythic Kingmaker campaign.
  1. The Citadel:  Home to the Lord Mayor of Restov, the city guard, and the government.
  2. The Temple of Erastil: watched over by High Priest Ezvanki Keegh.
  3. The Aldori Wheel:, a six-road 'square' with a dueling table in the center, upon which stands a statue of Baron Sirian Aldori, founder of the Aldori Schools.  Tradition states that this is the dueling table upon which Aldori defeated the bandit king to claim the future of Restov, and upon which he defended his 100,000 gp wager countless times.  The table is no longer used for duels.
  4. Unwritten, #4 is the large building to the north of the Plains Gate (B), and is the Coeurleon Livery, the primary buyer and seller of horses in the city.  They can accomodate nearly two hundred horses on-site, and have corrals and pastureage within only a few miles of the city that can accomodate a considerably larger number - albeit for only a short period of time.
  5. The Restov Grand Theater. Host to many plays, concerts, operas, &c., and center of Restov culture.
  6. A fine restaurant, private club, or meeting-place.
  7. A fine restaurant, private club, or meeting-place.
  8. A fine restaurant, private club, or meeting-place.
  9. Mậtong Nốtđốt, an exceptionally fine private club, the best in the city.  A five-star establishment in a city where no other goes above three-and-a-half stars.
  10. The Northern Schools.  Restov's primary schools of the swords are divided into three schools of thought - the tightly-controlled Northern Schools, the classic Aldori School (#13), and the progressive and flamboyant Southern Schools (#25).  The Northern Schools, nearly a score of which exist, have gathered themselves around two semi-courtyards near the northern Plains Gate.  The platforms there see considerable numbers of duels between the schools' students, but the locals say watching them is like watching the wind play with two dead trees - there's clearly something happening, but it's tough to figure out what.  (In PF terms, they favor the Duelist of the Roaring Falls feat.)
  11. Rogarvia House.  Still called by the vanished clan's name, Rogarvia House is, besides the Citadel, the only building in the city made entirely of stone.  It has since the Vanishing become the home of the Bank of Free Restov, the Temple of Adabar's primary financial rival in Restov and in Brevoy.  Rumor has it that the Bank's core investors were adventurers who hit it big in the east.
  12. Ludivenko's Assembly Palace.One of the first buildings in Restov to be made of milled boards (as compared to whole or split logs), Ludivenko's has managed to survive sixteen different fires in the three centuries of its existence, never once losing more than thirty percent of its form to the fire. This is considered something of an ongoing miracle, and it is said that the best place in the city to be during a fire is Ludivenko's. (Cynics invariably point out that people crowding into the Palace are just begging to be consumed by the fire en masse.) The Palace has, after each fire, been repaired and often expanded into newly-available property. It currently possesses five assembly/dance halls.  The most elegant and refined is the Upper Hall, which is only open on Toilday and Starday, and only open to those who bear a membership or invitation, with the membership (and invite list) handled / controlled by seven of the most elite ladies of the city; to have an invitation is to have Entered Society, and to have been struck from the membership is to have suffered a most critical social blow.  On the other end of the spectrum is the Commons Hall, by far the largest and most popular (due to being open to everyone who can pay the door fee) but with low (7') ceilings and technically in the basement, open every night and where, for the cost of fifteen coppers, one can drink your fill of weak beer, eat excruciatingly bad but somehow-compelling sausages-in-a-bun (sold by Klaudiusz Maksymilian Otona Wydarzać Lizać, an entrepreneur constantly tinkering with the recipe), and dance until you collapse.
  13. The Aldori Academy.  Its challenge stage rarely sees a death, as all duels are meant to be instructional, and thus are by tradition only to first blood.  Due to the city's numerous fires in its history, not to mention an occasional bout of arson from competing schools, the Academy technically consists of over a dozen buildings, though doorways are still infrequently knocked through walls or bricked up.  While it is considered to be a 'war college', skills such as tactics, strategy, and logistics, as well as others not immediately related to combat, are given only casual examination.
  14. The Temple of Adabar.  Though officially the priests do not approve of public duelling on their doorstep, one must bow to local custom - and since most of them are Restov born and bred themselves, the placement of their temple at least grants them the best seats in the house.
  15. Red Table Square.  A round stone platform rises about 5' off the ground in the middle of the square, while benches and makeshift bleachers are frequently built to enable viewing by large crowds.  Site of many challenges to the death as well as executions, it is the primary site for duels between adherents to the Northern or Southern schools of duelling.  Local legend says that the platform has never been washed.
  16. Citymarket.  Most of the city shops for food here, more expensive items typically being found in specialty shops in the area leading into the Aldori Wheel (#3).
  17. An inn.
  18. Lowtown or Redburgh, depending on who you ask.  This, the primarily dwarven sector of the city, appears chaotic in structure, at least until you realize that the city's thousand-plus dwarves could not possibly all live in the few quarters found amongst the score or more smithies; the entire area runs three levels underground, and four in some spots.  Though more formal stores line the 'border', the best work and prices are found hard by the forges themselves, as the smiths appreciate those not afraid of getting dirt on their clothes - and hands.
  19. The Smokehouse, an inn for those who work hard for what they have.  Primary clientele are dwarves (from Lowtown, #18) and the Trading House (#22).
  20. The Dragon's Toast.  Another inn, serving Lowtown dwarves, Trading House merchants, and new arrivals straight in from the Fire Gate.
  21. The Nieuw Rostland Chancery.  A more upscale inn, a favorite spot for working luncheons for those from the Trading House.
  22. Giulgud Trading House.  Where the richest play (as it were), trading promissory notes and the like - a forerunner to the modern stock exchange.
  23. Oppin's Common House.  A halfling-run establishment that will serve tallfolk, but whose dining rooms and for-rent living spaces are more comfortable if you don't go over 4' in height.
  24. The Iron Gauntlet Inn.  Not ... exactly an inn of ill repute (most of those are in Riverside across the Water Gate), it sees its share of 'lowlife' dockhands, roustabouts, and the like.  The prime 'blending place' between social classes in the city, where the young rich go to do a little 'safe slumming' and where the rough poor from Riverside come across to have an 'upscale' night out when they have a few silver.
  25. Scattered across Riverside (a nod to the Swordspoint series by Ellen Kushner) are the more than three dozen Southern Schools of the Swordlords of Restov.  Currently in vogue (or rather, a crowd favorite, and therefore subject to a blossoming of new schools, hence the number), the Southern Schools are more flamboyant and acrobatic in their style, favoring the 'Duelist of the Shrouded Lake' feat.  The poorest of the poor tend to live in Riverside (as well as by the docks just across the bridge), and so walking through Riverside without a sword on your hip may get you a cosh to the head - but having a sword may get you challenged by a bravo of one of the local schools.
  26. The soon-to-be-abandoned headquarters of the Brilliant Sword School can be found at the tip of the 6.
  27. Two Inn The Hand, a 'cleverly named' establishment with a somewhat more upper-class clientele.
  28. One of the quieter and more upscale areas of the city.  Aramil's parents live here.
  • A - Stolen Gate (Western Gate)
  • B - Plains Gate (Northern Gate)
  • C - Fire Gate (Eastern Gate)
  • D - Sewer Gate (West Bridge)
  • E - Tremontaine Gate (Central Bridge)
  • F - Water Gate (East Bridge)
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Thanks.  I just added; Scotlandtom did the actual art.  Added in a modification for the interior of the Citadel, if you can use it, and corrected all the links.  Links to other campaigns are nice, hint hint!!  ;)
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